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released February 16, 2019

Recording and mastering by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, California.

From The Head of Zeus Records



Track Name: Shell
Deflowered by society, Leaving your disgusting mark on the world.
Deflowered by charm
Anything to feel self worth
That somehow gets lost along the way
A boost of confidence, a snort of luck
Flying high

The feeling of empowerment
Anything to forget the degradation

The money and fame is a dull knife

Making its quota by meager standards
Cutting out the shame
Leaving behind a scar for the world’s amusement
Another human casualty

Fallen prey to a most ravenous spotlight
Disgusting charade, no one’s laughing

Climb the echelons of self-debasing feats
, pretty boy
Each more denatured and pathetic than the last, pretty girl
Starved and desperate for a sense of approval, so sexy
A sense of self, a sense of anything
 at all
How long can this go on?

Just another day of punishment

Just another week of single served hell
Just another month, another year another lifetime
Of opinions and scruples
Morales and conclusions
Disgusting charade, no one’s laughing
Track Name: Human Shield
I don’t want to kill you

I just want you crippled

To make you grovel, make you beg.
 To hurt like I've hurt

And when you tasted my hatred
 You will know

Like a crisp and ruthless edge.
 When you feel me in you
That's when you will know

Just how broken you are

I am your friend, I am your lover
, plunging you on the blade

Isolation is the cancer
 that's feeding inside your head

The best way to build a cage
. Is to learn how to break it
take the fall, it’s only fair

Track Name: Cold
Cold in your bed
Dead in your head
Pull a sheet across your face It's over
Cold in your head
You're already dead
Drape a sheet across your face It's over
Track Name: Easy Skin
I have this knife
Powder coated misery
Looking sharp, changing lives in seconds
Slip it in and out smoothly
What a beauty
I could if I wanted to
I could ruin you good
Track Name: Nothing Beyond The Fire
There is nothing
Beyond the fire
Prepare yourself for what the eyes won't see
For what the mind refuses to believe
Trauma scarring miles wide
Too damaged to speak
What words could possibly frame this moment?
Who will save us? There's nothing left
Where do we go now? There's nothing left
Nothing left beyond the fire
The sky is tar and all that I've ever known is burning
Car wrecks miles wide
A vicious display of flesh and steel
With nothing to offer but a vulgar lyric
Handed down by a god who has forgotten
And we preach it like the golden rule
It takes a blaze
It takes a blaze to erase you
Still the pain
Still the pain burns in my memory
Don't look back
Don’t look back there's nothing left
Don't look back
Don’t look back they're already dead
There is nothing
Beyond the fire
Track Name: Caduceus Rising
Death out on the front lines
No hope left in their eyes
Stare out across the wards, what casualties of nature
Patients here recite their final will
From wall to wall, caged like dogs, Awaiting euthanasia
These prison cells divide themselves And spread throughout this graveyard
Stale rank of death looms inside these walls
There is no fire left to burn
It's your load to carry, Your strength is met pound for pound
Your courage can part these terminal seas.
Track Name: Seclusions
Eyes no longer tracking
Looking onward without feeling
Up the dosage in a trance
Stare out in the rain, never ending
Rivers rising, all is grey
No more thinking
Mouth no longer speaking
Comatose no motor function
Paralyzed by harsh reality
Pacified by null serenity
The joy of laughter is a relic
Seldom heard in here
Cold and piercing
Marbled glare, dead to the world
Rivers rising, all is grey
No more thinking
Inside her confined cell
He's bound inside her mind
Stir crazy within seclusion
Trapped behind her eyes
Until daylight comes
We are locked down by this fear of darkness
Prey to the phobia that she weaves
Close your eyes and pinch yourself and scream until you writhe awake
This somnambulistic curse is real
Even if you get inside her shell it won't change anything
By design we're prisoners of our fears
We hear the logic and the pleas but it doesn't matter anyway
You can't ease the rigidity of the mind
The constrictor's wrath has taken hold
We're locked into our seclusions
To face the horrors trapped behind our eyes
Track Name: Worm
Crawl the earth
A test of worth
How much shit will you eat?
Feast your way to a fantasy promotion
Pathetic, spineless worm
Your department is going under
Cower in my presence
Fiending validation
You are primitive man
And you've just seen God
So be a yes sir, no sir proper trick
And walking boss might let you fetch his gun
So he can further exploit how broken you are
By signing his checks with your blood
The bitter cold reality of a working class society
Is people would do anything to keep their job
So would you trench through 9 miles of hell
If you knew you were digging your own grave?
Track Name: Passing
This is the room where i was born
And it is the place where i will die
They haven't come to wish me well
They're here to say goodbye
Track Name: At a Crawl
Can you save her?
Can you do for her what she can not?
Do you have the strength to give her...
Happiness, pride, money, hope?
Will you give her reason?
Just another John
Self worth is the smashed mirror glass in her hands
It's a lie
Self respect? A fucking joke
Cry to yourself, for the family, cry for another drink
Can the tears of a child pump the life back in her veins?
Such a shame
If you only knew you would have turned around
We stood so strong when we did nothing
Now we're crawling helpless
Track Name: Father's Vengeance
Someone out there knows
What has been done and the punishment coming
A hammer dull nails and a cage
A violent death is all that is certain
The savagery learned on the way
Now I have a purpose
Find him, kill him
Track Name: Stone Man
An old man sits in the sun
His joints are sore and his bones are worn
Creases in his smile like a road map
He is withered and beat down by time
But he wields a grin and holds a fire inside
And never shows his strife
He wears a face of stone
A moment of silence in the rain
Foreign soil and bullets ripping
Flesh and bone pounded to mud
Flag draped caskets homeward bound
Miles of brothers arriving by express
Too many funerals in the rain
Cold sweat and tears
A shell shocked head hangs low
Back at home the battle rages on
Fought with pills and radiation
Until all the fight escaped her
One more funeral
Red roses in the rain
And so he sits stricken with grief
As cancer eats him away
He just licks the scars of his life passed away
And wears his face of stone
Enjoying the sun with a smile
Dreaming of his flag draped casket
Today there is no rain
Track Name: American Choke Chain
Strip me down, Branded livestock
Take my choice, take my rights
Beaten at will, randomly tortured
Onset to death
One in five die everyday
Am i today's lucky number?
Onset to a beaten nation
Battered wife syndrome
We've become the master's plaything
Down doggy
Lay still while the knife goes in
Widespread animal abuse
American choke chain
Become Americana
Take my choice, take my rights
Voluntary degradation
The hottest trend
Track Name: Two Minutes Hate
Do you see me?
I'm the one smiling
Just another face in the rain
You see me laughing and fall in
But I'm laughing at you
I revel in your misfortune
I want you to hurt you in the worst way
Slow, subtle, manipulation
A mob is a vessel for blind influence
Force-fed opinions to follow
The hatred flows like burning slag
Until you are swallowed in its maw
It's the idea that kills, impossible to protest
Does one forget? Perhaps they never know?
To dominate, or just to deceive?
To maintain control, construct belief
The vision begets the journey begets the curtain closing end
2 minutes hate, a fire set to burn
Our ritual surmise, till there's nothing
I ease the knife in gently And you think I'm just being kind
But you're the joke
And I can't stop...
Do you see me now?
I'm spitting on you
Just another face in the rain
Here to tear you apart
Cold, rhythmic, humiliation
My secret weapon
Do you see me now?

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